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What you'll need to join Teach First

To be eligible to apply to the Leadership Development Programme, you will need to meet the minimum requirements below. Selection is then based on your ability to demonstrate our values and competencies, and prove relevant curriculum knowledge.

Minimum requirements:

- 2.1 degree or above, 300 UCAS points or equivalent (excluding General Studies)
300 UCAS points calculated using the pre-2017 Tariff

- Have a degree or A-levels that satisfy our teaching requirements

- Grade C* in GCSE Maths and English (or equivalent). *Those placed to teach in a secondary school in Wales will require at least a B in Maths and English - GCSE. Grade C in one science GCSE is also required for primary or Early Years teaching eligibility

- Flexibility to work in any of our locations


Our competencies

Teach First is a values-driven organisation. Our values shape our culture and how we operate and we expect you to model them throughout the application process and during your time on the programme. These translate into our selection competencies, which we use to assess your potential to become an impactful leader.

Humility, Respect, and Empathy

As a Teach First participant you will be working with a variety of stakeholders – from pupils to parents, teachers to peers. We look for those that can build relationships quickly, giving value and respect to others to get the best out of them.


Communicating clearly whilst listening and responding appropriately is very important. As a participant you will need to adapt your style in different situations and contribute as a great team player.


You will need to show passion for Teach First, our vision and mission, as well as understanding and enthusiasm for the Leadership Development Programme.


You will need to be proactive and make decisions on a daily basis as you strive to achieve above and beyond expectations. Taking the lead will be crucial for success.

Planning and Organising

As a Teach First participant you will need to manage daily responsibilities and juggle your priorities. You will need to work efficiently and effectively to meet deadlines and deliver successfully.

Problem Solving

Every day you will face new challenges and will have to come up with considered, effective and appropriate solutions in response. Whilst drawing on resources and logic you will also need to use creativity and innovation to be successful.


You will need to be hungry for a challenge, using patience and endless energy to persevere through the difficult times. When faced with obstacles you will need to be tenacious and versatile and maintain a positive mindset.


Personal development is vital for long term success. You will need to be aware of your performance, your strengths and your weaknesses and will need to be realistic in what and how you can do better.


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